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Written using C++ and the openGL graphics API, GEOmancy is a terrain engine that demostrates an implementation of Mark Duchaineau's ROAM algorithm. The demo took just over 4 months to write and was the core part of my final year dissertation at university. After graduation, I rewrote the algorithm and presented it in a talk at the Cybergames Conference in September 2007. A copy of my paper can also be found here.

The main aim of GEOmancy was to explore the implementation of Duchaineau's ROAM algorithm in a Games-style application. However, over the course of the project, I became interested in many aspects of terrain rendering, so I added other features such the water plane, cloud skydome and multi-texturing to the demo.

Though i am very happy with the results, I intend to continue to add new features to GEOmancy over the next months. My main aim is to explore a full GPU implementation of ROAM, which may now be a possibilty with the introductin of Vertex Textures and the Geometry Shader.

The Demo
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GEOmancy.rar - Executable

GEOmancy_src.rar - Source (Visual C++)